University Notes

The following is a compilation of typed notes, study notes, and solutions which will be continuously updated throughout university. Note that I do not claim to guarantee that everything is correct (in fact, I know for a fact that some of my solutions are not entirely correct) and I cannot guarantee completeness. I'm not paid to do this so I only put down what I think is necessary.

Year 1 (Fall)

ESC194 (Calculus I)

A first year calculus course that covers typical content while including some real analysis and differential equations. Taught online by Prof. Stangeby and Prof. Davis.

CIV102 (Structural Engineering)

A first year structural engineering course that covers truss design, beams, and concrete. Taught by Prof. Collins and the head TA was Allan Kuan.

PHY180 (Classical Mechanics)

A first year calculus based classical mechanics course. Taught by Prof. Thywissen and Prof. Wilson.

ESC103 (Computation)

A first year linear algebra course that also covers Matlab. Taught by Prof. Cluett.

ESC101 (Praxis)

Engineering Design course. No notes were taken.


A first year python based programming course. No notes were taken.

Year 1 (Spring)

ESC195 (Calculus II)

Second semester calculus course taught by Prof. Davis. Covers Calc II and some vector calculus.

MAT185 (Linear Algebra)

Proof based Linear Algebra course. Covers vector spaces, subspaces, coordinates, linear dependance, rank, determinants, eigenvectors, and solving differential equations.

ECE159 (Circuits)

First year introduction to circuits course. Covers DC analysis, RL/RC circuits, AC circuits, and power analysis.

ESC190 (Programming)

A second programming course, taught in C. Data structures learned involve linked list, heaps, queues, AVL and BST trees. Algorithms learned involve searching, sorting, dynamic programming, shortest distance algorithms, and gradient descent.

MSE160 (Materials Science)

Introductory materials science course. Covers properties of different types of materials, lattice structures, polymers, etc.

ESC102 (Praxis)

A second engineering design course.

Year 2 (Fall)

AER210 (Vector Calc / Fluid Mechanics)


ECE253 (Computer/Digital Systems)


ESC203 (Engineering and Society)

Coming Never

MAT292 (Ordinary Differential Equations)


PHY293 (Modern Physics)

Topics include waves, relativity, and quantum mechanics. Taught by Prof. Ania Harlick and Prof. Pekka Sinervo.

Year 2 (Winter)








Coming Never

PHY294 (Quantum Mechanics and Thermal Physics)


Bonus Courses

MAT301 (Group Theory)

Group theory course taught by Prof. Sunohara in Summer 2021. Most topics are covered in Gallian's Contemporary Linear Algebra, and I have notes for the extra topics.

MAT257 (Analysis II)

I am auditing a full year real analysis course, taught by Dror Bar-Natan.

APS360 (Machine Learning)



Advanced Classical Mechanics course taught by professor Michael Luke.


Quantum Information course. This is the first offering of this course at UofT!